French Tech Lisbon | Developing activities
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We gathered a list of services & tools to help you to expand in Lisbon


With Barcelona French Chamber of Commerce Network

Business France

Business France, the French international business development agency, accelerates the growth of French companies in Portugal, through personalized services allowing entrepreneurs to efficiently adjust and thrive in one of the most challenging markets in the world.


Services provided :

  • Organization of BtoB meetings with potential partners
  • Lead generation
  • Strategic introductions
  • Coaching and mentoring

CCI Luso Française


The French Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon helps you:

  • approach and find your opportunities
  • promote your products and services
  • meet your counterparts and customers over Spain

You will benefit from its institutional standing, network, market acumen as well as its team of advisors.

Find Expansion Financing

Raise funds | Financing | Guarantee

Bpifrance offers a range of financing products (debt) as needed (increase your cash flow, grow your business and finance your growth, guarantee your bank loans, innovate) :

  •  soft loans (repayable advance, zero yield loan), investment loan to support your company
  • fundraising (1 euro loan for 2 euros raised), loan for Innovation (if your company has more than 3 years).

Hire Talented People / Find a Job

Job Boards | V.I.E

The VIE International Internship Program

The VIE enables businesses to give 18- to 28-year-old candidates a temporary assignment of between six and 24 months in a foreign country. The assignment can be renewed once, but may not exceed two years in total. The scheme is open to candidates of all qualification levels not only from France, but also from any other country in the European Economic Area.


Benefits for businesses :

  • No administrative formalities to complete for personnel sent to work abroad
  • Financial incentives

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